Salon Specials

Salon Specials: In Celebration of our 20 Year Anniversary, we are offering Salon Specials throughout the year for both New & Existing clients of Estilo Divino Salon.


We love and appreciate each and every one of our special clients and guests.

To show our appreciation, we will be rolling out amazing specials throughout 2016.

While we love our New Clients, we realize that our existing Long Term Clients are what makes Estilo Divino the Best Hair Salon in Downey!

It’s the perfect equation for success…
Best Clients (You) + Best Stylists (Our Team) = Best Salon in Downey!

So, we decided that the best thing for us to do… is to offer specials to both our new clients and our existing clients.

New Client Specials

We always run amazing New Client Specials to make it easy for those interested in giving us a try. Check out our New Client Specials page for our current offerings.

Existing Client Specials

We run a variety of specials each month for our existing customers to go alongside our New Client Specials. The most popular is our Referral Rewards Program.

Referral Rewards Program

This is a cool “Double Whammy” program where the New (referred) Client receives the current New Client Special and the Referring or Existing client receives either the same exact special deal or the existing client Special of the month.

That’s what’s known as a “win-win” situation… 🙂
Check out the Referral Rewards page for full details.

Student Discounts

We realize that raising a child these days is expensive, but you still want the best for your child. So, we here at Estilo Divino decided to do something special for our local Students AND their Parents! Check out the Student Discounts page for full details.


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