The Blow Dry Bar at Estilo Divino
Get the Perfect Blowout from Our Expert Stylists!

At Estilo Divino our Salon understands that YOU prefer having someone else blow out your hair.

It’s easier… And, quite frankly… Your Hair just looks better when it’s blown out by a professional.

That’s why we created The Blow Dry Bar at Estilo Divino.

We offer blowouts, blow out packages, and blow out products to care for your hair and make your blowout last longer.

Why did we create our blow dry bar?
We noticed a surge of blowout bars opening up across the country and especially all over the County of Los Angeles where Estilo Divino Salon lives.

What we found is that most traditional salons charge outrageous prices for their blowouts… making it just too expensive to get a blow out for yourself on a regular basis.

Hence the rise of the blow dry bar…

The concept is great… Get blowouts on a regular basis at an affordable price, so you look fabulous all the time.

It sounds great in theory, but there’s one big problem…

Most of the blow dry bars that opening up are staffed by inexperienced stylists that deliver an inferior service.

That’s not acceptable to us…

Introducing… The Blow Dry Bar at Estilo Divino

We are offer blow out packages at competitive pricing to that of the local blow dry bars.

What that means to you…
This means that you can get blowouts for yourself done by expert stylists with years of experience… All at an affordable price.

You’ll rest assured knowing that you are getting 5 Star service at one of the best hair salons in the city of Downey and the County of Los Angeles.

Full Service Salon in Downey
Since Estilo Divino is a full service Hair Salon… we are able to care for your hair, so it grows healthy and strong… And, your hair looks on-trend and on-style with the latest fashion.

Estilo Divino has hair care and hair management programs to help get your hair looking as luscious and beautiful as possible.

Blowouts can help or hurt your hair… depending on who is providing the service.

Why not go with a Hair Salon that has been in business in the same location… serving the same community for more than 20 years.

You can trust that we will take excellent care of your hair and provide you with a blowout package that suits your needs.

New Client Special
To make it a “No-Brainer” decision to give us a try…

We offer a 50% Discount on all hair services to first time clients.

Simply, fill out one of the forms on this page to secure your 50% discount.

We look forward to seeing you at… The Blow Dry Bar at Estilo Divino.

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